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What is a Home Equity Loan?

Not even a year ago, you could refinance your entire mortgage to get cash out of your home’s equity while taking advantage of record low rates. The market is changing and rates are rising, but you still have options to make your home work for you. Home equity loans, also known as second mortgages, are a potential tool that can help you access some of your home’s equity, keep the rate on your existent mortgage, and still achieve your financial goals.

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Escrow 101: Covering Things You May Not Already Know

What is escrow analysis and how often is it performed?

Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC (CMS) completes an escrow analysis each year to ensure your escrow account is funded correctly. During the analysis we will determine any surplus or shortage, and adjust your monthly payment accordingly to cover all of the bills that are paid through your escrow account.

The analysis outlines the activity on your escrow account for the past year and the anticipated activity for the upcoming year. We use the tax and insurance amounts from the most recent year to project taxes and insurance for the upcoming year.

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Three Ways to Repel Insects in Your Home

Whether you’ve spotted an ant or two or have a family of fruit flies that have decided your kitchen is their new home, it can be frustrating to find a quick, non-toxic way to get rid of these unwanted visitors. For homeowners who own pets or have small children, having a successful solution that won’t harm curious mouths or paws is essential. Here are three ways to safely repel insects within your home:

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Prepping Your House for Fall

Fall is already quickly approaching, and now is the best time to start prepping your house for fall weather and take advantage of the sunshine and blue skies while we have them. From getting your furnace checked to cleaning the gutters, here are some ideas to jumpstart your autumnal prep-work:

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