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Your Year-End Statement and Going Paperless

It’s that time of year again! If you’ve opted to receive 1098 and 1099 statements electronically, your 2023 year-end statement can be accessed via the Documents section of your account in late January. If you’ve enrolled in paperless delivery, you will be notified via email once it’s available. If you have not elected to receive your statements electronically, your statements will be mailed no later than January 31, 2024.

Your 1098 statement, or mortgage interest statement, is used for reporting the amount of interest and related expenses you paid on your mortgage within the tax year. The 1099 statement is used to report different sources of income throughout the tax year. With these two statements, you can be well prepared for tax season!

By opting to receive your statements through Carrington’s Go Paperless program, you don’t need to wait for important account documents and statements to arrive in the mail. Instead, they’re ready for instant access on our secure website where you can view and/or download them. There are plenty more reasons to go paperless now, including:

  • Your security is important to us, and with our paperless program and your online account, you can set up a two-factor authentication to keep your private information protected.
  • Going green! Paperless statements are much more sustainable for the environment, and you can feel good about doing your small part to help the planet.
  • Nobody enjoys the frantic search around their home for where they put last year’s statements or other important mortgage documents. By choosing paperless, you can rest easy knowing all your important documents are safely all in one place.

You can update your paperless preferences at any time by following these steps:

    1. Log into your account at 
    2. Click "Manage Alerts" in the top menu 
    3. Click the green "Go Paperless" icon on the left side of your screen