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A New and Improved Escrow Statement is Here!

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a first-time homeowner, reading and fully understanding your escrow statement can be tough. An escrow account is an account managed by your mortgage servicer to pay for property taxes and/or insurance premiums on your behalf.

Each month, a portion of your mortgage payment is deposited into your escrow account, ensuring funds are available when these larger bills become due. Carrington conducts an analysis at least once a year to ensure your escrow account is funded correctly. The analysis determines any surplus or shortage and adjusts your monthly payment accordingly to cover all bills paid through your escrow account. 

Introducing Our Easy-to-Read Escrow Statement 

Say goodbye to confusing jargon and the outdated format of yesteryear and hello to a user-friendly design that makes escrow feel easy!

Our improved escrow statement provides a clearer picture of what makes up your monthly escrow payments, helping you feel confident and informed.

What’s New in the Escrow Statement? 

Our new escrow statement has the same content as the old statement but presents in a much easier format. Here’s what you can expect: 

  • Clear Effective Date: Easily find the date when your escrow analysis becomes effective. 
  • Summary Results: Quickly know if you have a surplus or a shortage. 
  • Detailed Breakdown: See exactly how your new escrow payment is calculated, right on the first page. 

Your statement still includes comprehensive information on: 

  • Projected Activity: Review the expected activity in your escrow account over the next year. 
  • Shortage or Surplus Information: Understand how any shortage or surplus value was determined. 
  • Escrow History: Track all escrow payments received and disbursements made to pay for applicable taxes and/or insurance. 

Options for Managing Escrow Shortages 

If you have an escrow shortage, we provide clear options to help you make decisions that fit your needs. You can see the new monthly mortgage payment amount if you choose to pay the shortage upfront, compared to spreading the shortage over the next 12 months and adding that amount to your monthly mortgage payment.

Looking Forward 

At Carrington, we are committed to making your homeownership journey as simple as possible. This new escrow statement is just one of the many ways we are working to support you with simple and attainable homeownership under one roof.

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