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A Checklist to Buying Your Dream Home

Is your current home your "dream home"? Could it be time for a bigger (or smaller) dream home? There is a lot of pride that comes with owning a home and having

5 Questions to Ask Before Getting a Mortgage and Buying a Home

You’ve been thinking of buying a home… You’ve been checking out houses for sale in the neighborhood, pinning dream kitchens on your Pinterest, and wondering jus

Learn What Mortgage You Can Afford and Let’s Go Home!

You’ve got questions… we’ve got answers!

How Much Should I Have for a Mortgage Down Payment?

Mortgage down payments are important for first-time and experienced homebuyers alike. When starting the home buying journey, everyone pauses to ask themselves,

Other Payments That Can Affect Your Mortgage

One of the biggest changes in becoming a homeowner has to do with your monthly mortgage payment. When you are renting, you can write one check and be done with

Streamline and simplify your homebuying process.

Buy and Sell with Vylla: Search and view MLS listings of houses, properties, home values, nearby sales, and get information on open houses. Our team of real est

The Importance of Avoiding Mortgage Document Errors

Are You the Best Candidate for a Home Loan?

What Your Mortgage Lender Needs to Know

Steps to Buying a Home: Where to Start

Can a Long Commute Affect Your Mortgage?

How to Reduce Closing Costs

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