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What Your Mortgage Payments Include

You’re now the proud owner of a mortgage – congratulations! But do you know what your mortgage payments include, and everything that goes into making up that monthly payment you’ll be making for the life of your loan (or until you decide to sell)?

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What Your Mortgage Lender Needs to Know

So many people want to know so many things about you during the home buying process – and it may seem at times like it’s never going to end. And like they couldn’t possibly need to know so many things. And hey, isn’t that last question intrusive!? It can be hard to understand what your mortgage lender needs to know.

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Credit Issues That May Affect Your Mortgage Loan

No doubt about it, applying for a mortgage can be a long and involved process that can leave you feeling drained and financially exposed. But it’s in your best interest to be transparent with your finances during this part of the home buying journey, particularly if you have issues that might hinder your loan approval. There are a number of credit issues that may affect your application for a mortgage loan; however, most of the challenges can be overcome.

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