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Five Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2024

Five Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2024

Spring ushers in a season of renewal, and there’s no better time to enhance your home’s interior! Check out these five trends in the forecast for 2024. 

Incorporating Pantone’s Color of the Year 

Pantone’s color of year announcement has arrived in its soft, springy orange glory – aptly named “Peach Fuzz.” Peach Fuzz captures the color shift from golden hour to sunset and is a great addition for your interior decorating refresh! 

Although this peachy hue may be a little much to start painting over your living room walls, it’s a fantastic accent color. Look for it in different patterned wallpaper or fabrics (especially florals) for pillows, curtains or small accent furniture.  

Embracing Eclecticism 

Interior design doesn’t always mean everything in one area of your home has to match, and this year more and more homeowners are bringing together unique pieces from different time periods, patterns, textures and colors to create a space that embraces individuality in home design. 

Additionally, vintage and antique pieces offer charm and a story – something that modern furnishings often don’t have. These items don’t even need to be family heirlooms. You can find wonderful pieces on digital platforms like eBay, Etsy and Facebook Marketplace. Not only is this a great way to furnish your home, it also finds a new home for these pieces instead of getting thrown away. 


Wallpaper is a wonderful way to add a little oomph to your home! Place it in unexpected spots to make it pop – whether it’s the alcove in your entryway, the inside of your pantry or as an accent wall in a bedroom. 

The world is your oyster when it comes to choosing the right wallpaper for your home, and the possibilities are endless! 

Statement Tile 

Statement tile is a great way to jazz up a bathroom or pack a punch in the kitchen. Use it as an accent, or make it the focal point of the room. Statement tile inside your shower or bathtub area can work to break up the monotony within the small space you have to work with, and illustrated botanical tiles can add a sense of whimsy peppered in on your kitchen backsplash. 

Nature-Inspired Design 

Bring the outside in and help reduce stress and heighten creativity with nature-inspired designs. Integrate plants and rich hardwood flooring and embrace the flowing lines of art nouveau’s floral designs in fabric patterns, tiling, metal work and lighting. 

Looking for paint color ideas?  Try a calming sage green in your living room, or add a splash of drama with a more dramatic, deep forest green in your dining room.  

Whether it’s Pantone’s Color of the Year, or a shade that’s uniquely you, consider switching up the colors in your home to add some excitement to some of your favorite spaces.