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DIY vs. Professional: Deciding the Right Path for Home Improvements

Sometimes it can be tough to determine who should tackle your next home improvement project – you or a professional? We’re here to provide you with guidance on common home improvement projects. 


Flooring is a home improvement project that relies heavily on the type of flooring you’ll be installing to decide whether you should DIY or contact a professional. From carpeting to tile or wood floors, you have a wide variety of options, with varying levels of skill needed.

  • Hardwood: Hardwood floors are a traditional and well-loved option for many homeowners. They are incredibly versatile in the long-term because they can be sanded and refinished four to six times throughout their lifetime (depending on plank thickness). This type of flooring requires more effort and precision and is best installed by a professional. 
  • Carpet: If you’re looking to provide a cozy feeling to your family and guests alike, carpet is a fantastic option. You have many choices for style, pile, and cost. Carpet is also a great way to provide additional insulation and can work well for rooms that have no heating below them. Just like its popular counterpart, hardwood, this style of flooring should also be installed professionally. 
  • Laminate Flooring: Thanks to its easy installation and cost-effectiveness, laminate flooring is beloved by many DIY homeowners. Laminate flooring is composed of multiple wood-based materials that have been layered together and imprinted with a wood grain over top. Unlike carpeting or hardwood, which are attached to the subfloor, laminate is considered a floating floor since each board connects to an adjacent board instead. 


Redoing your kitchen or bathroom cabinets can be a cost-effective way to give the room a facelift on a budget. If you’re just planning on refacing them by refreshing the paint or wood stain, this is something you can DIY with a few tools. You’ll need to take the doors off their hinges and remove all hardware before you sand them down, clean, prime and paint them. Once they’re dry, you can add a clear sealant to further longevity before you rehang the doors. Make sure to research sealants, as some can cause yellowing over time when applied over white paint. 

Generally speaking, most homeowners should leave demoing and installing brand new cabinets to the professionals. 


When it comes to the longevity and sanctity of your roof, this one you should absolutely leave to the professionals. They are well equipped with the correct tools, experience and awareness of required safety precautions.  

Backyard Deck or Patio 

Warm weather means spending more time outside, and what could be a better DIY project than building your own deck or patio in your backyard? There are a variety of different materials to choose from. If you prefer stone over wood, but don’t want to deal with laying them down manually with mortar, you can easily purchase a stamping tool for wet concrete to get the same effect.  

If you need further guidance, your local hardware store can answer any questions or concerns you have about your project. 

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