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Can Rising Insurance Rates Impact My Mortgage Payments?

In recent years, we have witnessed a notable increase in many household costs, including home insurance rates and interest rates. While cost fluctuations are influenced by a number of factors, one thing is for sure: These changes can have a direct impact on your mortgage payments, particularly through your escrow account. 

Your escrow account serves as a financial cushion to cover expenses, including property taxes and insurance premiums. However, when these costs rise, your escrow account may face a shortage, creating a temporary financial burden for you due to an imbalance in monthly payments. Although these types of escrow shortages can be challenging, they don’t need to be a surprise! Proactive measures can help you get ahead and manage this situation effectively. Here are some practical solutions to consider: 

  1. Regular account reviews: Regularly reviewing your escrow account can help identify potential shortages. You can check in on your escrow account by reviewing your escrow statement while simultaneously monitoring changes in insurance rates and local tax assessments to review all costs. Because charges can change each year, routine check-ins can help you to stay informed and adjust your budget accordingly. You can also read more to better understand your escrow account in our escrow FAQ.
  2. Research your options: Reach out to your insurance provider to understand the reasons behind any premium increases. Sometimes, different insurers can provide options that will retain your current coverage without a cost increase – and it never hurts to discuss the possibilities. Research potential tax savings in your area by contacting your local tax authority or reviewing their website for any local exemptions. You may not realize that different household purchases or activities could actually increase your insurance rates, too, so it’s best to review and discuss with your provider. Soon, Carrington customers will be able to take advantage of a dedicated insurance resource that will help them to review costs with multiple providers and take advantage of potential insurance savings.
  3. Consider budget adjustments: By understanding your escrow account and expenses, you can anticipate an escrow shortage and budget accordingly for the following months and even next year. If you have a surplus within your escrow account for any year, you could be issued a check equal to the surplus amount. One easy way to prepare for future increases is by saving any refunded money and putting it right back into your escrow account.

Escrow shortages can create temporary financial challenges, but by understanding the underlying factors and taking proactive measures, you can navigate these changes successfully. We are here to assist you and have compiled resources to answer any questions you may have. Our experienced professionals can provide valuable guidance and solutions tailored to your specific situation. Feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team with any questions or concerns you may have.