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Safety Tips for Furry Friends

Like many Americas, you may have come out of Quarantine with a new four-legged friend. Whether you are a first-time pet owner or have experience, we wanted to provide a few helpful tips to keep your furry friends safe around your home!

Beware of Poisonous Plants Though they may add beauty to your home, some plants can be toxic to your pets. Make sure the plants you bring into your home will not poison your four-legged friends.

Electrical Cords Pets like to chew things! To prevent them from chewing on cords, place electrical cords behind or under furniture, or tape them to your walls. Also, pay attention to any damaged or fraying cords and replace them immediately.

Cleaning Supplies – Toxic chemicals in cleaning supplies can also be harmful to your pets. Make sure these items are locked away or on tall shelves far out of reach from little paws.

Put the Seat Down When pets are thirsty, they are prone to drinking from any watering hole they can find. To prevent them from drinking or falling in, make a habit out of putting the lid down.

Holiday Treats Aside from known hazards such as chocolate, cooked bones, and raw bread dough, many fruits and vegetables can also be life-threatening to pets.

Decorations Many shiny new decorations look like really fun toys for your pets. Make sure decorations are out of reach because many of them contain toxic metals and can become choking hazards.

As a reminder, If you have any questions or concerns please consult your Veterinarian.