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Prepping Your House for Fall

Fall is already quickly approaching, and now is the best time to start prepping your house for fall weather and take advantage of the sunshine and blue skies while we have them. From getting your furnace checked to cleaning the gutters, here are some ideas to jumpstart your autumnal prep-work:

Clean and/or replace your gutters


The last thing any homeowner wants is a clogged gutter during the rainy season. The warm weather gives you the perfect opportunity to clean out any gunk and muck that’s accumulated over the past few months. By keeping your gutters free and clear of any potential blockages, you can ensure that rainwater will move freely through your gutters instead of spilling out and down the side of your home – which could result in foundation issues in the future. While you clean, check your fasteners for any necessary tightening or any joints in need of re-caulking.

Replace the garage door weatherstrip


When the temperatures begin to drop, critters are going to search for any place warm and dry to hide or make their nest. Check the weatherstrip on the bottom of your garage door for any holes or gaps, no matter how small. Additionally, replacing your weatherstrip can help keep any warm air inside the garage, instead of releasing it outside.

Test your fall and winter equipment


For some homeowners, even fall brings the possibility of snow or freezing temperatures. Nobody wants to head out to clear the driveway before work to find that the snow blower puffed its last blast of air last season. Take a few extra minutes to inspect your snow blower, shovels, or space heaters now so you can be stress-free once the weather begins to take a turn.

Bring in your outdoor furniture

While bringing in that patio set signals the end of summer, it’ll help save and maintain the quality of your outdoor furniture if you start bringing it into storage now instead of after the first rainstorm. Bringing in your outdoor furniture ensures that it will be dry and clean, instead of finding them to be covered in mildew or rust after shoving them into storage still wet.

An important thing to note: for homeowners with cushioned outdoor seating, it is essential to double-check wherever you decide to store the cushions for any potential critter contamination.