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Popular Home Improvement Projects you can DIY This Spring

With the weather warming up, many homeowners are looking for simple yet impactful home improvement projects to complete this spring. Check out our list of the most popular DIY projects below for inspiration! 

Refacing Kitchen Cabinets 

Cabinet refacing is an effective way to enhance the look of a kitchen. It’s a far more affordable option than remodeling an entire kitchen, and far easier than installing new cabinets. Refacing generally consists of adding new cabinet doors and drawer fronts and covering the face frames with a matching wood or faux veneer. The result is a kitchen with a fresh, updated look that still has the same layout and structure. 

Floors and Ceilings 

Floors and ceilings are particularly susceptible to scuffs, stains, dents and other kinds of damage, so it’s no surprise that millions of homeowners replace carpeting, flooring, paneling or ceiling tiles annually. In fact, floor and ceiling replacements are generally one of the most popular types of home improvement projects. 

Windows and Doors 

Updating windows and doors offers numerous benefits to homeowners who are willing to make this investment. Not only will it keep out drafts in the winter and ensure a more comfortable indoor temperature during hot summer days, it’s likely to reduce utility bills as well. New windows, or a new front door, can also boost a home’s curb appeal, thereby increasing its value. 

Fencing and Exterior Walls 

The addition of fencing, garden walls and other exterior barriers serve many useful purposes. They define the property line, preserve a sense of privacy, act as a deterrence to intruders and safeguard children and pets.  

Good Old-Fashioned Paint 

Perhaps the easiest form of home improvement is also the most popular: interior painting. There is no faster way to alter and enhance the beauty of a room than to give it a fresh coat of paint. Keep in mind that brighter colors tend to make rooms appear larger, so dark colors should be used primarily for main walls or large, open rooms. 

Deck or Porch 

Though this project can be one of the more expensive home improvement tasks to undertake, a new deck or porch increases the value of your home and expands your living space, without the expense of adding a room. The total cost will depend on factors like size, building materials selected and whatever extras are added.

Home improvement is a great opportunity to not only make your space feel even more like home, but also increase the future value of your home in the event you decide to sell. There’s no better time to start making your home truly yours!