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Chapter 7 or 11 Bankruptcy Mortgage Statement Guide


Front of Statement


1. Statement Date/Account Number: Reflects the date the statement was generated and the personal account number of the loan.

2. Account Payment Summary: Provides the minimum payment for the stated

3. Contact Us: Reflects the options available to contact us if you need help or information. Carrington Mortgage is available to answer your call Monday-Friday, 8:00am–8:00pm, EST, or you can get answers on our website 24/7:

4. Bankruptcy Message: Provides statement of account Bankruptcy status.

5. Account Information: Provides an overview of the loan, including the property address, principal balance, interest rate, and whether there is a penalty for paying off the loan early.

6. Explanation of Payment Amount: Displays a summary of the payment amount, including principal, interest, escrow, past unpaid amount, and total fees and charges.

7. Past Payment Breakdown: Displays a summary of payments paid last month and payments paid year-to-date including principal, interest, escrow, fees and charges. Partial Payment (Unapplied/Suspense): Funds received that have not been applied to the account.

8. Payment Coupon: Provides loan information on a coupon that could be detached and returned with a payment.


Back of Statement


9. Account History: Summary of recent account activity.

10. Important Messages: Lists important messages related to the status of the loan and payments.

11. Transactions Since Your Last Statement: Displays detailed information of fees and charges imposed and/or payments made since your last statement. Partial Payment (Unapplied/Suspense): Funds received that have not been applied to the account.


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