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Seven Ways to Make Your Home Less Spooky this Season

Fall and winter are just around the corner, and that means it's time to start thinking about getting your home ready for the colder months. With Halloween approaching you might think ghosts and witches are the spookiest visitors around, but higher energy bills and home maintenance issues in the fall and winter can be plenty spooky too! Don't worry, we've got you covered with seven tips to keep your home cozy and comfortable this season.

  1. Seal the Leaks

The first step to a cozy home is to keep the cold drafts out. Check for gaps and cracks around doors and windows. Seal them with weatherstripping or caulk to keep the warmth in and the cold out. It's an easy DIY project that can save you on heating costs.

  1. Insulate Your Attic

Heat rises, and an uninsulated attic can be a major source of heat loss. Proper attic insulation can make a big difference in keeping your home warm during the winter months. If you're not sure about the state of your attic insulation, consider consulting a professional.

  1. Clean Your Gutters

Leaves and debris can clog up your gutters, causing water to overflow and potentially damage your roof or siding. Regularly cleaning your gutters will help prevent water-related issues and keep your home in tip-top shape.

  1. Check Your Heating System

Before the temperatures drop, give your heating system a checkup. Change the air filter, inspect the furnace, and make sure your thermostat is working properly. If you're not comfortable doing this yourself, hire a professional to ensure your heating system is in good working order.

  1. Reverse Ceiling Fans

Most ceiling fans have a switch to change the direction of the blades. During the colder months, switch them to run clockwise at a low speed. This will help push warm air down, making your rooms feel cozier without having to crank up the heat.

  1. Stock Up on Winter Essentials

Be prepared for winter storms and power outages. Stock up on essentials like flashlights, batteries, candles, and non-perishable food. Consider investing in a portable generator if you live in an area prone to power outages.

  1. Protect Your Pipes

Frozen pipes can be a homeowner's nightmare. Insulate exposed pipes, especially those in unheated areas like the garage or basement. Let faucets drip slowly during extremely cold weather to prevent freezing.

Remember, these tips not only keep your home comfortable but can also save you money in the long run. So, don't let the impending chill of fall and winter spook you – get ahead and make your home a cozy haven for the seasons to come!