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Make Mortgage Payments Easier and Go Digital

Life is full of to-do lists, and with digital payment options at Carrington, you can cross one thing off yours with ease! These digital payment methods allow you flexibility for 24/7 access to make your payments. Here are some highlights below: 

Carrington’s AutoPay feature provides flexible options that will help you automate your payments each month. You can edit your mortgage payment preferences by logging into your account and selecting "AutoPay" on the left menu. 

Monthly AutoPay 
Monthly AutoPay allows you to select a payment draft date between the 1st and 16th of the month, as late charges begin after the 16th. Simply log in to your online account and select your date of choice from the drop-down menu. 

Semi-monthly AutoPay 
If a monthly AutoPay isn’t right for you, we offer a bi-monthly AutoPay option. NOTE: This option does not provide you the ability to select your drafting date. Drafting will occur on the 1st and 15th of each month, allowing you to split your monthly payments into smaller amounts.

Bi-weekly AutoPay 
Bi-weekly payments allow you to make 13 payments during the course of a year, as opposed to 12. Although this is not an accelerated payment schedule that will reduce your principal faster, it will shorten the time you make monthly payments toward your loan. 

Our bi-weekly AutoPay option begins the third week of the month, meaning that when you first set up bi-weekly, you will end up paying a payment and a half on the first month to establish the new payment cycle. From there, you will have a payment drafting every other week, which will equal 13 monthly payments made over the course of the year.  

Important note: If you elect to add any amount to principal or escrow, you are adding that amount to each draft. 

One-Time Online Payment 
If you’d prefer not to automatically make your payment, you can easily pay by logging into your account online and selecting “one-time payment” from the menu list on the left column of your dashboard. Even better, all of these payment options are also available using the mobile app. 

Our automated pay-by-phone system is available 24 hours a day by calling us at 1-800-561-4567. Please have your loan number, bank routing number and checking account number available.  

Want more information? Please log in to your account or contact us today!