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Money Saving Tips during COVID-19


During COVID-19, everyone’s financial situation has changed in some form or another. With that being said, here are some money-saving tips that can potentially help you over any hurdles you are facing today or in the near future.

Home Energy Bill:

With more and more individuals working from home, the utility bills are starting to increase more than ever. There are still some ways to limit or lower your new bills by as much as 25%.

Try any of these ideas:

  1. Check seals on windows, doors and appliances.
  2. Fix leaky ductwork.
  3. Adjust the temperature on your fridge, freezer or water heater
  4. Take shorter showers.
  5. Don’t wash clothes in hot water.
  6. Fix leaky faucets.
  7. Install dimmer switches.
  8. Use smart power strips.

If you’d like to learn more about each step click on the link: Lower your energy bill in 2020

Negotiating Bills:

Have you ever signed up for a service and they increased the price after a year? We’ve all been there. Did you know you can negotiate the cost of many of these prices? Some of the services you can negotiate with are: cable, landline phones, internet, alarm systems, storage units, bottle water delivery, and gym memberships.

Recommended steps to follow:

  1. Gather competitors’ offers, which will give you an advantage when negotiating
  2. Call your provider and say you are thinking of switching or canceling your service
  3. Tell them what you know about the other offers in your area
  4. Don’t ever accept the first offer if you’re not satisfied. Take your time and tell them you’ll sleep on their offer
  5. Make sure you set expiration dates on your bills to know when you need to call and negotiate again

To maximize your savings, start with the larger monthly bills.

Auto Insurance:

With many of us working remotely, the need for using a car to get to work has diminished. If you are driving less, some car insurers are extending rebates. If your insurer is offering one, you won’t need to do anything to receive your refund (although we recommend you calling and asking about it just to be on the safe side).

You can also ask your auto insurance company for discounts, including:

  1. Multi-policy discount
  2. Multi-car discount
  3. Car safety discount
  4. New car discount
  5. Anti-theft discount
  6. Good Driver discount
  7. Occupational/Professional Discounts

Click on the link to see if your insurer is giving any extended refunds due to COVID-19: Auto Insurance Refunds

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